Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Family Portrait Experience cost?

To book your Family Portrait experience with Spirit Photographic, the fee is £200. This fee will cover planning consultations, studio reservation, a professional makeover (for one), plus your photoshoot and Design Consultation.

Please note that your session fee does not include any photographs or print products. These must be purchased separately in your Design Consultation.

How do we prepare for the shoot?

Before your experience we will speak to every member of your family in our Discovery Calls. Our Discovery Calls are dedicated to finding out what is important to you as a family. We want to find out what makes your family uniquely yours; the things that they do that spark joy, that make you belly laugh, that make your heart feel like it could burst with pride – and capture that. That way we can create artworks for you that will become a powerful reminder for generations to come.

What clothes should we wear?

We’ll make sure to take some time in our planning consultations to talk outfits so that you feel great about what you’re wearing on the day. We have lots of tips that we’d love to share but, ultimately, the main thing is that your family feel like they are being themselves. That way, we can create something together that is both timeless, classic and, crucially, authentic.

Can we bring our pets?

Yes, yes, yes! Our Studio Dog Jaspa would be very upset if we said anything different! We understand the love and support that pets give; we understand that they are part of the family. Of course, they are always welcome.

What props should we bring?

Bring props that express your family’s personality – whether that be sports gear, musical instruments, your child’s favourite toy… or whatever it may be! Anything that tells a story of who you are is always brilliant.

What is the timeline of the day?

The whole experience lasts around five hours. If you choose to enjoy professional hair and make-up styling, this takes around an hour before your photoshoot begins. Your photoshoot then also takes around an hour. After this, we will then shortlist your photos. There is an hour gap in between your photoshoot and your Design Consultation; you are more than welcome to stay in the studio or go out and grab a coffee! As mentioned, after this small break, it’s time for the most exciting part – your Design Consultation where you get to see your photos for the first time. This is where we will go through, one by one, and you can choose which ones you love and how you’d like to display them. After the final payment, your beautiful artworks will be ready in six to eight weeks. We will ring you when they are ready for collection!

How do I pick which artwork I would love?

What do you want to be reminded of when you look at your artwork? What do you want your family to feel when they walk past it? For you, is it that you want your son to be reminded of the pride you have for him, right from the moment he opens his eyes? Do you want your daughter to feel that unconditional love you have for her; for her to look at her artwork, no matter what stage of life, or where she is, and know you are never far apart? Do you want your partner to feel that promise of support, the gratitude you have for being able to share your life with your best friend, every time they look at the artwork? Do you want your Mum to have something, which for a few minutes a day, reminds her how loved she is? All of our artwork is designed with all of this – and your home – in mind. We think about how and where you’d love these reminders to be displayed. Is it on the wall opposite your bed so it’s the first thing you see when you wake up? Or how about in your dining room, so your family see it every day when you’re all sat together? We use our Discovery Calls to figure this out together so that by the time you come in, you have an idea of what you’d love. In fact, a lot of families bring in a photo of the space they’re thinking of to the Design Consultation!

How much do the artworks cost? And what artworks are available?

Your artwork can be purchased during the Design Consultation. Our wall arts start from £800, our wall collections, albums and treasure boxes start from £1500. Payment options are available.

How does the Design Consultation work?

We are so proud of our gorgeous Design Consultation room. It’s newly renovated and just like a cinema room – the perfect, luxurious place to see your photos for the first time.

You just have to sit back and enjoy as we show you all of your shortlisted photos for the first time and then we’ll go through each one, at your own pace, to choose your favourites and create your artworks.

What if we need to cancel or postpone?

Please carefully check your appointment time and date before and after booking. We are happy to move or cancel your appointment within the next 48 hours, after which time there is a £50 rescheduling fee.

Where is Spirit Photographic?

It’s very easy to find and about 1.5 miles from Bath city centre just off the Lower Bristol Road. The address is: The Old Methodist Church, High Street Twerton, Bath BA2 1BZ. We have our very own carpark too! Click here for the contact page

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! You can spoil a loved one with a gift certificate to our studio here!

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The Spirit studio is a beautiful, awesome, magical space. This old Methodist church in Bath has created the perfect environment for family and portrait photography.

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We want to find out what makes your family uniquely yours; the things that they do that spark joy, that make you belly laugh, that make your heart feel like it could burst with pride – and capture that.

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View the Fun filled experience of one family as they enjoy their Spirit photo session. Even the dog looks like he’s having fun!