Frequently Asked Questions

How do we prepare for the shoot?

A family portrait is an investment both in time and financially so it is worth preparing for your shoot. Your family shoot is collaboration between yourselves and your photographer. They will always do their best to bring out the personality and individuality of your family but it really helps if everyone is willing to play their part. To this end we advise clients to have a big think before they come in about their clothes and props. Try and think of objects that tell a story or reflect your loves, passions and interests. Think big and prepare to have some fun!

What clothes should we wear?

In group photos think about how the clothes will match. Plain colourful clothing or soft pastels like shades of blue work well as does black (especially for Noir photography). If you want a casual everyday image pick clothes for everyone that have the same tone and feel. All summer / beach clothes for instance or if you prefer all formal clothing but not a mix of the two!

Can we bring our pets?

Yes, Yes, Yes. We really think dogs and your family pets add something to the shoot. Bring whatever animal you consider part of the family whether it’s a stick insect, snake, Orang-utan or Hippo.

What props should we bring?

Bring props that express your personality or reflect your children’s interests. Musical instruments, fancy Dress (with any accessories, like wands, wigwams and light sabres). Sports Gear with all equipment (like boats or flippers or archery targets) and clothing (like swim hat, snorkel or golfing outfit). If you’re going formal or out-doorsey bring coats, top hats, scarfs, jewellery etc. Think stories, Think theatre, Think image!!!

How long will everything take?

Around one hour for the shoot. One hour for your viewing (approximately one week after the shoot). Your order from the viewing will take approximately 2 – 8 weeks. We will ring you when the order is ready for collection.

When do we see the images?

About one week after the shoot depending on availability and your timetable.

What can we purchase?

We have a large choice of ways to present your images and the whole collection is on the Frame Collection page of the site. Basically you can choose between Classic frames (frame and a mount) and frameless wall art, albums, digital files or desk products.

What will images cost?

It depends what you buy and what size your artworks but there is a price range designed to suit every budget. Prices start from £195 with Wall Collections starting from £2200.

What if we need to cancel or postpone?

Please carefully check your appointment time and date before and after booking. We are happy to move or cancel your appointment within the next 48 hours, after which time there is a £30 rescheduling fee.

Why do we need to pay a deposit?

It’s an industry standard I’m afraid. As a business we hire freelance staff on a daily basis to fulfil our obligations to you. We need to pay staff if you cancel a booking at short notice. Furthermore your booking time will not be able to be filled by another client at such short notice resulting in a financial loss to the business that the deposit is designed to reduce (but not cover!).

Where is Spirit Photographic?

It’s very easy to find and about 1.5 miles from Bath city centre just off the Lower Bristol Road. The address is: The Old Methodist Church, High Street Twerton, Bath BA2 1BZ. We have our very own carpark too! Click here for the contact page

Are we committed to buying images?

Absolutely not. We have created a business model where we take much of the risk away from the client. Any session fee charged makes a small contribution to our running costs. You are under no obligation however to buy anything from us if you don’t want to. We are not a heavy sell company and do not put any pressure on clients to buy images they do not want or cannot afford.

What combinations will the photographer shoot?

We will always try to shoot all the obvious combinations as well as just the family group. So all siblings, Mum and daughters, Dad and sons, Individuals, Just the boys / girls etc. Sometimes parents only want the children photographed. We strongly advise you do some family groups as there is no obligation to buy and we then have the opportunity to take a shot that will give you enormous pleasure in the future. You have made a big commitment to come to the studio so take this opportunity to get some great shots of all the possible combos.

What if we don’t like the images?

No problem. Statistically this is so rare that we are either happy to reshoot or if you prefer we will refund any session charge paid to us in full. No quibble whatsoever. (it’s not that likely after all!)

Can we buy digital files?

We include digital files with all our wall arts.

What is the Premium service all about?

All clients are truly valued but it is the case that most people come to the studio without much prior consultation. Life is busy for everyone but we believe that those who put a very high value on their photography deserve the very highest standards. The chance of creating more themed or concept driven images is increased if we are able to meet prior to the shoot. We can then discuss your family and your needs in much greater detail. In this collaborative approach much more planning of the images in terms of ideas, concepts, props and location can flourish. All of our best and award winning images are created in this way as what judges are looking for is more than just happy faces. The consultation allows the photographer to plan his shoot in far more detail and with a specific aim in mind. This more considered approach is duly rewarded by the results when an idea and preparation informs every aspect of the image..

Neill Menneer is an award winning photographer who really values the opportunity to create images that go beyond merely capturing moments in time. He is a creative artist who likes to use his huge knowledge of photographic and pictorial imagery to create artworks that will stand the test of time and become family heirlooms for generations to come.

In order for the premium service to work we need a very small commitment up front. Our usual session rate is £95 and we only ask that this fee is paid at the point of booking. This service is never discounted or offered in special promotions and offers Neill’s time in a one hour consultation and the full service of preparation, set building and artistic concept creation.


  • One hour consultation with Neill to discuss theme or concept. Ideally this will be in your home to discuss the concept and also to look at the space you wish to hang the artworks.
  • Preparation (technical and set building) for your unique images
  • One hour photoshoot with Neill
  • Selection, editing and retouching by Neill
  • One hour viewing of the images
  • An option of a home visit (in Bath) to discuss placement and presentation of the images
  • An option to have a lifestyle shoot at your own home with Neill and Jo for a two hour shoot for an extra £100 i.e. £195 (paid when booking)


  • A real chance for the photographer to get to know the family
  • Time to discuss concepts, themes and ideas to enhance the photography
  • The possibility to get greatly enhanced photo images that will become treasured artworks.

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The Spirit studio is a beautiful, awesome, magical space. This old Methodist church in Bath has created the perfect environment for family and portrait photography.

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The Film

View the Fun filled experience of one family as they enjoy their Spirit photo session. Even the dog looks like he’s having fun! As you can see it's not just about creating great artworks!