What Is White Box Photography?!

At the very end of last year we launched White Box Photography…

We’ve had so much fun creating personality filled art works – especially as it gives us so much room to get inventive and we’ve been getting such an overwhelmingly positive response from people loving them!

But, we’re sure there are still those who are asking… WHAT IS WHITE BOX PHOTOGRAPHY?

So, to explain, White Box Photography is a unique photographic experience in which photos are taken of individuals or a few people (or pets) whilst in the White Box. The White Box is exactly as it is named – simply a big white wooden box! Separate photos are then put together as to make a giant grid that has a doll house like effect! This means the squares (and the people in them!) can interact within the photo! So you can have Dad listening to the side of the box with trouble maker in the box next to him roaring in his favourite Superman outfit! Smart, hey?

Let us show you.

These four photos down here are examples of individual photos taken in the boxes – imagine a 3D white cube with the front missing, surrounded by the normal studio setting!

After they’re put together, they become incredible artworks like this!

White Box Photography is the perfect time to bring out all of your crazy ideas and fun personality as a family. Bright colours and props are a MUST for the White Box. The best photos are bursting with energy! We’ll have more of our favourite tips on what to wear in a White Box Experience coming up in a future blog, so keep your eyes peeled!

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