Working with Children AND Animals…

If the rule is never to work with animals or children, that must make us total renegades. However, after years of working with both we’ve figured out a few tips and ideas to keep things relaxed and (dare we say it!) under control!

Furry friends


Paw check!
The cove is white which, as you may expect, does not mix well with muddy paws! We can touch any paw-prints out but anything to avoid ruined outfits.

Give them a brush
We know your furry friend may not love this tip but they need pampering too. Get them looking their glossy furred best before their big photo-shoot.

Walkies BEFORE the shoot
Try and get that energy out before they walk in. As much as we do love energetic and cuddly greetings, we also need them focused on the camera.


If possible, leave them in the car until their shining moment
The studio can be an overwhelming space for dogs! It’s a new strange environment and we totally understand if that stresses them out. Sometimes it’s better to let them stay in a space that is more familiar – although we understand if you’d rather have them close. They are family after all.

Bring treats – we all need bribes
When all else fails, bribe with treats and tennis balls. Nothing gets them staring in the right direction better!

The Troublemakers

There may be tears. DO NOT WORRY
The reality is there may be a mini tantrum and tears from the kids. That is normal! Don’t worry. We are fully prepared to be patient. And remember, you may leave thinking it was a disaster but we always get those great shots.

Bring the go-to toys
Do they have a toy or teddy they bring everywhere? Bring it along. Not only does it make for a cute photo, it’s great for getting the attention to the camera! Classic toys look better than plastic ones so bring the old school wooden train rather than the plastic doll.

A little bit of effort goes a long way

This applies to toys and outfits. Your kids are adorable – play up to that! You can have fun with their outfits – think cool hats and waistcoat or the really pretty dress. Don’t miss out on your opportunity!

Think of the little things that capture your relationship
What are the little things your kid does? Do they always want to jump on your back or hold your hand or pinch your nose – or whatever. If you and your child or children have a little ritual or hobby, bring it to us so we can capture it forever. One of the best things you can do in your shoot is just have fun with your family – leave the rest to us!

And finally? RELAX!

Remember, we’ve done this a few times (hundreds of times) before! There are a few things you can do to help things go a bit smoother BUT if they don’t and the dog is barking and the children are crying, that’s fine. Either way we will make sure you get the images that you and your family can treasure for a very long time.

And, just think, if we get photos of the kids misbehaving they’ll make the perfect photos to be printed off and stuck everywhere at their 18th birthday party!




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